Friday Night + Old Bloggie = No study >=D

Today is FRIDAY~ Friday night is supposed to be a fun fun night out. But me? Aduhai, stay at room here so hardworking munching through my Physics notes and past year question papers. So hardworking la~ Aiyo, why CMY so hardworking one leh? Kept on revising Physics leh.. Tsk tsk tsk.

Because ahh, the truth is she didn't study at all, those are just her imagination of "An ideal day of revising physics". Ehhh, not no study AT ALL la. Still got a bit bit gehh. Just not much nia. LOL!

Anyway, I found my previous bloggie~ The friendster one. I thought I deleted it but I didn't leh. Then I went back into it and read again. Hmmm, many emo posts. Hahahaha. And I realised I wish myself happy birthday at the blog there starting from 16, 17 and my last post is 18. I'm 19 now. SO OLD! When I looked back, I recall quite many things. But some I just cannot remember anymore. So it's kinda good to have a blog sometimes. It can play a role as a diary also. To jote down the things that are memoriable for us. Although when the thing happen, you'll think "Ohh, I'll sure remember this forever and ever. I'll not forget it." But the truth is, it is not like this at all. We tends to forget. Out of sight, out of mind and out of heart. So me previous bloggie is good although it is quite emo and quite crazy. Teeheehee~ Here's a link if anyone want to have a look and know my past? xD

Okay la, guess that's all from me for today. Roomie kept on pressing calculator and revising. Gimme so much pressure. People press calculator, I press keyboard. Too bad, too bad. Lol. So I'm going to start revising Physics now la. (p/s it's 11.33pm when I am typing this sentence) =.=

P/s Mai gimme pressure la wei~~~ > <

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