Good.Bye.Mufy =')

Finally it's time to say good bye to my foundation year- Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY). I've learnt a lot from it and also gain lots and lots of things other than just knowledge. So now since I have finished my last paper, I'm freed! Hehe. Actually I thought I would gone wild like when finish SPM, but it's not really that way. I just hand in the paper calmly and

After my paper, I went to Shogun with Amy, Christine, Jia Yee and Qi Yen. And I was so happy to see Amy so I kept on laughing because it feels like ages since I saw her!! Hahaha.. So we ate and ate and ate there and then after around 2 hours of eating, all of us basically crawl out of the restaurant. SO FULL!! > < So we walked around in pyramid to help in the digestion process. Hahaha.. Then we even took photos in Jusco.. =.= Lame lame us.. Hahaha~ But nevermind la, it's the last time all of us going out together ady~ So we just played and fooled around.. Teeheeheeee~ ♥

Anyway, I'm too tired to type too much now. I'm kinda exhausted. > < So just want to say thank you to all of you for being my friends for this whole year. And sorry if I ever made any of you unhappy. I did not do that on purpose (I hope.. LOL! Just kidding wei~). So urm, guess that's all. Not really good at saying good bye but

p/s Enjoy your holiday peeps!!! >=D


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