CMY lost? Ehehe~ =P

I'm lost for quite many days.
Because lazy marrrr..
Okie dokie
 Not to break my promise,
I'm going to update about my stuff lately.
So, hmmm, okay.
I'm crazy about rabbit right now~
Tukki tukki~~ ♥
But anyway, I only got a tukki phone hanger now.
(p/s is it called a phone hanger? Aiyo, just something that hang on ur handphone la~ xD)
 I need other rabbit stuffffff.. *cries*
For example,
Something like this!
流氓 tukki~~ LOL ♥♥
p/s I ♥ the black one and I'm leaving Malaysia soon~ So *wink wink* *hint hint* XD
So I guess that's all about my ♥ for tukki.

Then yesterday, 28/6/2010, my MUFY result is out! Finally =)
I got HD for all my four subjects!!
*happy happy*
But for the overall course my MUFY mark only 304.9
Then I need 305 to enter the environmental engineering course in Monash University.
0.1 mark \(= 3=)/
Anyway, I don't feel like to go to Monash.
So guess I'm going to RMIT~ =D
But everything is not confirm yet.
Still need wait for my official transcripts so I can certify my results for RMIT.

I think that's all from me for these few days~
Later peeps! ^^

p/s don't forget, CMY ♥ TUKKI! *wink wink* xD

Farewell Partaayyyyyyyyyy X3

Well well well, tonight indeed is a crazy night out for us all. The "us" here included me, Lea Ching, Yew Yee, Gaby, Hiong Ying, Ee Jia and Siaw Jzin~ We went out for a farewell dinner at Shabu Shabu for Ika aka Ee Jia and Mao Zhang aka Lea Ching (She's my Mao Zhang and I'm her Mao Zhang XD). They "kena" maktab that day and is going to leave Sibu SOON. So we had a partayyyyyyyyy to farewell them at Shabu Shabu.

Wahahahaha.. After dinner, we all gone mad and took lots of photos. Everyone so crazy and I think we were the most crazy table among all the tables. Even the workers kept on looking at us and laughed. -____-

So erm, not much to talk about. Just let the pictures do the talking! >=D

Mao Zhang and I~ Hehe ♥~~
Ika and I~ ♥Group photoooooo~ ♥

Lala~ Guessed that's all~ Will miss you de Mao Zhang and Ika!!
Take care~

p/s for more photo, please go to my facebook album~ nya nya~

New template~ >=D

Nya nya~ I got my bloggie a new template!!
Yeay sheepieeeeeee. >=P
Cute or not? Teeheehee~~ ♥♥
Anyway, kinda long time didn't update my bloggie already. Heh~
There are not much new stuff in my life now.

Every morning woke up around 6 and go to walk with parents.
They said I'm TOO fat. =(
So, now can count as trying to slim down?? Lol~

Then second new stuff is Ee Jia kena maktab.
Congratulations la Amu~ =P
Go Perlis need to take care o~
You haven't go I already miss you liao. =(
Must always find me ohh. ♥

Hmmm and another new stuff is
I ♥ 林峰's new song!
It's from his new HK drama~
It's SO NICE!! Teeheeheee
Totally in love with him/ his song right now~
Lalalalala~~ ♥

And and and
I realised I kept on using ♥ nowadays.
Anyway, I don't care~~
Lalalalalala~ =P

I guess that's all for now~
Nya nya~ ♥


Bye Sunway and Hello Sibu! =D

Nya nya~ I'm back to Sibu already. Huhu~ So so so so so so tired la.. Actually I don't plan to sleep because my flight is 0655 so I need to go to airport around 4am like that. But then at last I still fall asleep. Hahaha.. I set my alarm 3am. But then, I overslept. =( Luckily my housemate next door come over to my room around 0345 and woke me up. Hehe.. So the taxi arrive around nearly 4am like that and I start my journey to LCCT. The whole way I talked and talked and talked with Amy and Christine and they said why I'm so so so so so talkative this early morning. LOL. I also don't know why~ Hahaha..

Then after we check in all our stuff and everything (luckily I didn't exeed the baggage limit. It shows 30.9kg, but the person in charge didn't charge me. Thank you!! =DD), we went into the waiting hall and I was so hungry, so went to bought a sandwich. Rm5 le.. =.= After bought it, they called for boarding already.. Urghhh.. So I just munch munch munch while queue up. Hehe~

After around 2 hours of flight, which I basically sleep through the whole journey, I reach my kampung!! Sibu~ Hahaha.. After that I went to Sing Kwong with my mum. Today's Monday so no plastic bag available, so they gave us a box instead. (=_________=) It's the first time I saw people buy stuff using boxes la~ The cashier put all the vege and stuff into a box then seal it up. My face was totally =.= hahahaha.. Anyway, my kampung is cute~ LOL.. p/s it's not me who said Sibu is a kampung but the newspaper at KL there wrote "首相造访诗巫,轰动全村。”lol.. So Sibu is a kampung eh?

Hmmm.. Kinda hard to believe I finish my foundation year already. Just finish JUST.LIKE.THAT. Gahhhh.. Cannot deny I actually missed Sunway and I missed my roommate and my housemates. Sigh.. But what to do? I'm in my kampung already. Hahaha.. I'll go back to Sunway one day!! =)

So, bye Sunway and hello Sibu, my kampung~~ ♥
我好想你们!!有缘再见吧~ ^^

Good.Bye.Mufy =')

Finally it's time to say good bye to my foundation year- Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY). I've learnt a lot from it and also gain lots and lots of things other than just knowledge. So now since I have finished my last paper, I'm freed! Hehe. Actually I thought I would gone wild like when finish SPM, but it's not really that way. I just hand in the paper calmly and

After my paper, I went to Shogun with Amy, Christine, Jia Yee and Qi Yen. And I was so happy to see Amy so I kept on laughing because it feels like ages since I saw her!! Hahaha.. So we ate and ate and ate there and then after around 2 hours of eating, all of us basically crawl out of the restaurant. SO FULL!! > < So we walked around in pyramid to help in the digestion process. Hahaha.. Then we even took photos in Jusco.. =.= Lame lame us.. Hahaha~ But nevermind la, it's the last time all of us going out together ady~ So we just played and fooled around.. Teeheeheeee~ ♥

Anyway, I'm too tired to type too much now. I'm kinda exhausted. > < So just want to say thank you to all of you for being my friends for this whole year. And sorry if I ever made any of you unhappy. I did not do that on purpose (I hope.. LOL! Just kidding wei~). So urm, guess that's all. Not really good at saying good bye but

p/s Enjoy your holiday peeps!!! >=D