Friday Night + Old Bloggie = No study >=D

Today is FRIDAY~ Friday night is supposed to be a fun fun night out. But me? Aduhai, stay at room here so hardworking munching through my Physics notes and past year question papers. So hardworking la~ Aiyo, why CMY so hardworking one leh? Kept on revising Physics leh.. Tsk tsk tsk.

Because ahh, the truth is she didn't study at all, those are just her imagination of "An ideal day of revising physics". Ehhh, not no study AT ALL la. Still got a bit bit gehh. Just not much nia. LOL!

Anyway, I found my previous bloggie~ The friendster one. I thought I deleted it but I didn't leh. Then I went back into it and read again. Hmmm, many emo posts. Hahahaha. And I realised I wish myself happy birthday at the blog there starting from 16, 17 and my last post is 18. I'm 19 now. SO OLD! When I looked back, I recall quite many things. But some I just cannot remember anymore. So it's kinda good to have a blog sometimes. It can play a role as a diary also. To jote down the things that are memoriable for us. Although when the thing happen, you'll think "Ohh, I'll sure remember this forever and ever. I'll not forget it." But the truth is, it is not like this at all. We tends to forget. Out of sight, out of mind and out of heart. So me previous bloggie is good although it is quite emo and quite crazy. Teeheehee~ Here's a link if anyone want to have a look and know my past? xD

Okay la, guess that's all from me for today. Roomie kept on pressing calculator and revising. Gimme so much pressure. People press calculator, I press keyboard. Too bad, too bad. Lol. So I'm going to start revising Physics now la. (p/s it's 11.33pm when I am typing this sentence) =.=

P/s Mai gimme pressure la wei~~~ > <

Night Off ~ ♥

Finally three of my four subjects are over~ YEAY~ Now left Physics only. It's on the first of June, so I still  have around 6 days to prepare for it. Hehe.. But then, I'm not sure if I'll be really studying for all the 6 days.. I really doubted myself.. Hahahaha..

Anyway, don't talk about exam for tonight. It's my night off! >=D Actually leh, MUFY is going to end soon lar. Real soon. After all the final then everything will be over. No more MUFY. Got a bit sad la, but then overall still ok. I think it's because I don't really make true and close friends in MUFY. I think the others sure made friends with lots of people from everywhere and get really close with them and form a new circle of friends. But me.. Sigh.. I don't really have a new circle of friends I guess? Because I'm always kinda shy in front of people I don't know. And sometimes when I met my classmates outside the class, I always struggle if I want to smile and say hi or not because actually I never talk to them before in class. So it's kind of awkward if I smile then they don't smile back and maybe will think "Why this girl so weird? At class we never talk wad, still smile and say hi with me.. =____=" Maybe it's me that think too much, but I'm really not used to talk to the others first. Especially guys. (=..=)

So maybe that is why some people don't even know the existence of me in their class. A guy in my Maths class even asked me:
"How come you got the same turtle as the girl in my Physics class? She did her presentation with the turtle this morning."
"Because that girl is me. =_______="
"Ohhh! So that's you this morning. Oopss.. Did you turn on silent mode during Physics? You're like SO quite!"
"Hahaha.. Maybe? > <"

Sigh.. So lar.. I know I should be more outgoing, but I don't have the confident. I came to Sunway with Amy and I just stay with her for the first semester. We went to Maths, Chemis and English class together last semester and I was alone for my Physics because she's taking Bio. And I was alone for my Advanced Maths too. Then when I got back to condo, I have Winny and Iris with me. So last semester, I don't care. I don't mind having not much close friends in MUFY. But sometimes, when I faced difficulties in studies, especially Advanced Maths A in last semester, I never had anyone with me. So I can't do anything but to kept on bugging a JPA guy. He's a nice guy, although sometimes he speak rudely, but I know he's kind inside. ( If not, he won't bother me and teach my advanced maths and physics la~) Haha..

But in semester 2, I only have 2 classes with Amy and this semester I had a new friend, Christine. I only have 2 classes with them because of my timetable in the first place. So we didn't really spend lots of time together. And this semester, I am alone. All alone. In Maths class, almost everyone change class because of the teacher but I didn't change. So I'm alone. Luckily I have Tasnim who offered to accompany me. =) That means really a lot to me! Then my Physics class I have Cisi, Syazana and Siti with me. But still, kinda alone. =( And I dropped advanced maths B because I really cannot cope with Chemistry and Advanced Maths together. > <
Then in English class, Amy and Christine sit behind me because they just love to sit at the back. So I'm alone again. Sigh.. So overall, this semester I'm always A-L-O-N-E. Poor poor me la.. Aih.. But nevermind la.. Loniness is something that we can get used to. I don't have Winny and Iris waiting for me at condo anymore. So even back to condo, I'm alone. But luckily, I still have my roommate and my housemate with me. So, not SO lonely, but still lonely. Hahaha.. But at least I still have my teddy~

 Teddies don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got.

Anyway, just want to find a place to spill out all these stuff. So good bye MUFY! =') And I hope I won't be alone again. Need to be more confident and comfortable around people.

Final Exam

Finally the final starts.. But it starts quite a long time ago? Lol.. Only now I blog about it. Hehe~ So English over already~ Chemistry also~~~ *YEAY* Finally my deadly subject over liao.. But tomorrow is Maths final. Maths die liao lar.. > < haizz.. Ms Pang even lost my maths trial paper.. She said she cant find it anywhere. Maybe she just lie to me.. Cuz my mark too low, then she burn my paper and tell me she lost it.. =.= Sighhhhh..

What should I do la.. I think I know how to do already, but then if the questions like trial like that come out in the final, I don't have confident if I know how to do or not. T_______T

Aihh.. Whatever lar~ I cannot do anything now also. Just wake up earlier tomorrow to try to figure out the problems again ba.. My brain cells all destroyed by Chemistry already.. > < Although the Chemistry final paper is just like the trial paper, but it still kills my brain cells. How I hope the Maths tomorrow will be like Chemistry. But not really possible la.. Chemis and Maths are different type of subjects..

Anyway, now look back, I think most of my post is about my exam and study and stuff.. But bo pian lar~ Cuz it's exam time when I start this bloggie~ Hoho.. So bear with me ba~~ Other than exam and study, I dont think I have anything on my mind now. (no more brain cells to waste.. =______=)

Wish me luck for the Maths final paper tomorrow~ Nya nya~

*Evidence of escaping from study. Ngiek ngiek ngiek~


Sigh, I'm escaping from my studies A-G-A-I-N. This is so not right, but I just can't help it. I mean, I just can't help myself. On Friday night, I told myself I should relax myself after all the final thingy, so I'll start studying on Saturday. But on Saturday, I tell myself it's ok, don't worry, I still have one whole Sunday~ Then today is Sunday! TADA~ See what have I done this ONE WHOLE SUNDAY.

I woke up around 10 something in the morning. Then I had my breakfast and I did 2 birthday cards for my friends- Christine and Syazana. After finish all the cards, it's around 2 or 3pm le. Then I had my lunch while watching drama. So even after my lunch, I still continue with the drama. Totally 无视my studies until now. =______= Then now, I continue to 无视 it, so here am I, updating my bloggie. 

Oww nooooooooooo.. What should I do to myself? Can I bang on the wall and die?  Cannot cannot, like that my wall will got a "piak" of blood, too artistic.. =______=
Sigh, okay okay, I know what should I do now.. I should go and........

Nyahahahahaha~ I should now go and sleep, so that I won't feel so guilty~ Nya nya~ xD Nah, cannot lah, I should now go and study at least a bit.. If not if my final result really not good, then I cannot go into university ady la.. Like that will be too bad.. HMPH~ 
CMY, aza aza~~ ^^



明天就是我的trial exam了!
是一科会要了我的小命的科目。 =_________=
然后星期五早上考英文,下午考数学。 唉~




Nya nya~

Someone save me please!!

Aiyoyo.. Next Thusday and Friday trial exam already and yet I'm still here senang lenang. Actually no senang lenang also la. I'm actually very worried, but then I really don't have the mood to study. Kept on want to do something else.. Sighhh.. What should I do lar~
Guess I got to stay in library after class to study liao.. *cries* 
I dont really have confident in my Chemistry. It's a deadly subject for me other than Biology. >.< Chemistry and maths trial is on the same day, thurday. Then the English is on the next day. Sigh.. Then after that, 20th May is my final! 
It's all just around the corner and yet I still laze around and didn't study. What should I do?!

WHO CAN HELP ME?!?!?! T_______T

Urghhh.. I give up ady.. Go sleep le~ > <



你前进 我想退
你靠近 我退缩
你的爱 太沉重
我无能 受不起


只是 我无能

如果 你找得到我的心


     刚刚我和我的室友说了一个冷笑话:有一个人很机车,突然有一天他就被骑走了。我的室友听了过后就一直笑一直笑,让我觉得好好玩哦~ 她还说她的笑点很低。其实我也是。哈哈哈哈。就一点点小东西我都可以笑一整节的课。可以讲是碰到就一点点会笑的那种 -- 完全没有笑点。哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈~ 
  我还蛮喜欢跟我的室友讲冷笑话的,所以隔壁房的每次都说我们两个很无聊。哈哈哈哈~ 对了,我的室友还说了一个冷笑话 :有一根火柴的鞋带掉了,它弯下腰去绑鞋带后,它的腰就断了! 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈~~~好笑吧!虽然很冷,不过我就是觉得很好笑。没办法啦,没有笑点的人就是这样的啦~ 
    不过,其实笑点底的人还蛮好的。因为这样就不会冷场啦,就算冷场我们狂笑一下,那冷场也就过了。你说是不是呀?嘻嘻嘻~ 做人还是简单点好,嘻嘻哈哈过日子~ 冷也笑,热也笑~~ 啦啦啦啦啦~

p/s 右边的那个是我的室友~ 她是个中国人~ 吕依依 =) 

First post =)

Teeheehee~ It's my first post in blogspot. My previous one is in Friendster and since I'm not going to play Friendster anymore, so I think it's better I close that one and start a new blog. New blog = New life. Teeheeheeeeee~ =P

Most of the stuff I post in the Friendster's blog is about my studies and the feelings I had for someone before I come to Sunway. But this blog, I'm not sure what's coming up next~ Because I'm UNPREDICTABLE!!! Wahahahahahahahahahaha~ Damn crazy wei~ xD

So guess that's all for my intro post la~ Lalala~ =)