Night Off ~ ♥

Finally three of my four subjects are over~ YEAY~ Now left Physics only. It's on the first of June, so I still  have around 6 days to prepare for it. Hehe.. But then, I'm not sure if I'll be really studying for all the 6 days.. I really doubted myself.. Hahahaha..

Anyway, don't talk about exam for tonight. It's my night off! >=D Actually leh, MUFY is going to end soon lar. Real soon. After all the final then everything will be over. No more MUFY. Got a bit sad la, but then overall still ok. I think it's because I don't really make true and close friends in MUFY. I think the others sure made friends with lots of people from everywhere and get really close with them and form a new circle of friends. But me.. Sigh.. I don't really have a new circle of friends I guess? Because I'm always kinda shy in front of people I don't know. And sometimes when I met my classmates outside the class, I always struggle if I want to smile and say hi or not because actually I never talk to them before in class. So it's kind of awkward if I smile then they don't smile back and maybe will think "Why this girl so weird? At class we never talk wad, still smile and say hi with me.. =____=" Maybe it's me that think too much, but I'm really not used to talk to the others first. Especially guys. (=..=)

So maybe that is why some people don't even know the existence of me in their class. A guy in my Maths class even asked me:
"How come you got the same turtle as the girl in my Physics class? She did her presentation with the turtle this morning."
"Because that girl is me. =_______="
"Ohhh! So that's you this morning. Oopss.. Did you turn on silent mode during Physics? You're like SO quite!"
"Hahaha.. Maybe? > <"

Sigh.. So lar.. I know I should be more outgoing, but I don't have the confident. I came to Sunway with Amy and I just stay with her for the first semester. We went to Maths, Chemis and English class together last semester and I was alone for my Physics because she's taking Bio. And I was alone for my Advanced Maths too. Then when I got back to condo, I have Winny and Iris with me. So last semester, I don't care. I don't mind having not much close friends in MUFY. But sometimes, when I faced difficulties in studies, especially Advanced Maths A in last semester, I never had anyone with me. So I can't do anything but to kept on bugging a JPA guy. He's a nice guy, although sometimes he speak rudely, but I know he's kind inside. ( If not, he won't bother me and teach my advanced maths and physics la~) Haha..

But in semester 2, I only have 2 classes with Amy and this semester I had a new friend, Christine. I only have 2 classes with them because of my timetable in the first place. So we didn't really spend lots of time together. And this semester, I am alone. All alone. In Maths class, almost everyone change class because of the teacher but I didn't change. So I'm alone. Luckily I have Tasnim who offered to accompany me. =) That means really a lot to me! Then my Physics class I have Cisi, Syazana and Siti with me. But still, kinda alone. =( And I dropped advanced maths B because I really cannot cope with Chemistry and Advanced Maths together. > <
Then in English class, Amy and Christine sit behind me because they just love to sit at the back. So I'm alone again. Sigh.. So overall, this semester I'm always A-L-O-N-E. Poor poor me la.. Aih.. But nevermind la.. Loniness is something that we can get used to. I don't have Winny and Iris waiting for me at condo anymore. So even back to condo, I'm alone. But luckily, I still have my roommate and my housemate with me. So, not SO lonely, but still lonely. Hahaha.. But at least I still have my teddy~

 Teddies don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got.

Anyway, just want to find a place to spill out all these stuff. So good bye MUFY! =') And I hope I won't be alone again. Need to be more confident and comfortable around people.

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