Someone save me please!!

Aiyoyo.. Next Thusday and Friday trial exam already and yet I'm still here senang lenang. Actually no senang lenang also la. I'm actually very worried, but then I really don't have the mood to study. Kept on want to do something else.. Sighhh.. What should I do lar~
Guess I got to stay in library after class to study liao.. *cries* 
I dont really have confident in my Chemistry. It's a deadly subject for me other than Biology. >.< Chemistry and maths trial is on the same day, thurday. Then the English is on the next day. Sigh.. Then after that, 20th May is my final! 
It's all just around the corner and yet I still laze around and didn't study. What should I do?!

WHO CAN HELP ME?!?!?! T_______T

Urghhh.. I give up ady.. Go sleep le~ > <

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