Melbourne, Uni, Unlucky days.

Nya nya peeps! It's been a while since I've last updated my bloggie. Teehee~ I'm sowieee~ It's all because I'm TOO lazy  busy. Hehe.. So gonna update a bit about my life here? Okie dokie~

So I reached Melbourne on the 15th of July. Nothing much at the custom. They just have a look at the things we declared and just like tat. After that, brother came to fetch then went back to his home at Geelong. It's nice here. But colder than Melbourne city because it's further away. It's my first time staying at a place during winter time. IT'S JUST SO COLD!! I didn't expect winter to be SO cold but it is really damn cold. If you turn to sleep on one side of your bed and when you want to turn back, it's freezing colddddd! So I kept on waking up in the middle of the night. But now it's wayyyyyy better cuz my sister-in-law gave me an electric blanket!! *tada~* xD

Anyway, after the first few days here, I went to my uni to sort things out. Then haven't got my eCoE, so I need to miss the first 3 days of classes. =_____= I went to uni on Wednesday to get my eCoE and went to register and so on so on. After that, I went to see one of my lecturer. He's a nice guy. A Brazil people, look like Santa Claus! Haha. He said he'll take care of me and... *we'll see~ xD*

Thursday came at last. And I dreaded to go to uni because I'm all alone and I'm scare. I have phobia of going to places alone for the first time. Especially to classes and so on. It's killing me to have all eyes on me. >.< But I have no choice but to go to class because I just have to. *sigh* But everything went smoothly except I didn't make any new friends. I mean we just smile, exchange name and that's all. Ohh, except for a girl. Her name is Reem, speaks Arabic with her sister so I just assumed she's Arabian. We talked and exchange number and kinda close I guessed? Haha. She's a nice person and she's new too. So that's cool. =3

Then Friday is my worse day. I had class on 10.30am and I need to catch a train on 8.42am. But I'm late so my brother drop me at South Geelong station. Who knows the ticketing counter and the side I should be waiting for the train is at the opposite side. So I need to go through the underground tunnel to the other side. But I don't know how to get to the underground tunnel. And I'm so nervous. I'm scare I missed the train. So I ran to the right hand side of the platform, expecting to find staircase to go down, but there's NONE. So I ran to the left  hand side and there's NO staircase too! Then my brother saw and he shouted and say "Not on the platform, stupid. Just there!" Only that time I saw a path going down to the tunnel. *Kanasai, I shouldn't have gone to the platform* All the people waiting for the train at the other side of the plateform kept on looking at me and my daddy running on the platform like crazy. *throw face >.<*

That's the first unlucky thing on Friday. After that, I boarded the train without any trouble and I reached uni. Everything was ok until I realised I need to fill my water bottle because my mum said just get water in uni, no need bring so heavy stuff all the way. The water machines are not working!! Arghhhh.. I pour out the last bit of water in my water bottle before I realised the water machines all die. Sigh.. 可怜虫~ So I just went to lecture without water and I "died" in the lecture theatre.

It was so dark and the lecturer was simply mumbling and getting me to snooze. The ang mo in front of me was tall so I just hide behind her and close my eyes. *I'm getting sick that time anyway, so can't really concentrate =____=* So after the 2 hours of lecture, I went home. But my unlucky incidents didn't stop here. Once an unlucky event gets on you, you'll be unlucky for one whole day. Because my brother said he gonna come to the city with my parents and sister-in-law, so I just bought one way ticket to city that morning. And who knows? He's sick too so can't come to city and I got to go home alone with train. But my ticket expired already. I can't take the train from Melbourne Central station which is just beside my uni to North Melbourne Station to go back Geelong. Unless I buy another ticket to North Melbourne and another ticket again to Geelong. (it'll be too expensive) So, what to do? Wait for the FREE city circle tram lo.. Who knows I waited and boarded the tram at the wrong side and I went further and further away from Southern Cross station, the station that I need to go to go back to Geelong. x___x

I got no choice but to stay in the tram and waited for it to stop at Spencer St. Poor poor me. Waited for so long because Spencer St. is a few stops before the stop I boarded the train. >__< After I reached home, I feel so sick that I just directly went to sleep. ZzzZzzZzz..

Aihh.. Damn soi one la me.. On Thursday I missed a train and the next train I catch just die on the railway at the platform after I sit down. *shit* And the train move a bit then die again, then move a bit and die again. Damn lousy. At last they just simply find a nearest station and throw us there and we wait for the next train. The next train finally come, finding nearly 100 plus of people waiting at the dark platform and we boarded the train, finding every places are full. So I stand for one hour plus to get back to Geelong. =________________=

So I think that's all the updates from me la. All the soi soi stuff. Tsk tsk tsk.. *shake head*
p/s it's a long post i know. Bear with me. Just want to shoo away the unlucky things by telling it out. LOL~ Untill next time people~ ♥

I ♥ Gatherings!!

Tonight I am so happy!! Teeheee~ ♥
Beacuse we have GATHERING!! ^^
At first we all said go to Shabu shabu,
who knows when we reach there,
it's closed. D:

But nevermind~
There's always a place for a bunch of CRAZY people!
So lastly, Noodle House is chosen to be a place for us to GONE MAD.

We took tonnes and tonnes of PHOTOS.
Even the waiter came and ask if they can take our photos and put in facebook!
Got a bit = 3= anyway.

What else can I say
Tonight is a GREAT night out!
you guys~

p/s 1: Need to write down who went tonight because you know, I'm OLD~ So I can't let myself forget~~ =P
So tonight we had me, Winny,Esther Siong, Diana,Iris, Roland and his gf- Esther, Martin, Haw Jeng, Darren, Kee Hung, Zeng Gu, Chloe, Shi Kai and Clarence~

p/s 2: Off to Australia in 1 day time. *nervous!*