I ♥ Gatherings!!

Tonight I am so happy!! Teeheee~ ♥
Beacuse we have GATHERING!! ^^
At first we all said go to Shabu shabu,
who knows when we reach there,
it's closed. D:

But nevermind~
There's always a place for a bunch of CRAZY people!
So lastly, Noodle House is chosen to be a place for us to GONE MAD.

We took tonnes and tonnes of PHOTOS.
Even the waiter came and ask if they can take our photos and put in facebook!
Got a bit = 3= anyway.

What else can I say
Tonight is a GREAT night out!
you guys~

p/s 1: Need to write down who went tonight because you know, I'm OLD~ So I can't let myself forget~~ =P
So tonight we had me, Winny,Esther Siong, Diana,Iris, Roland and his gf- Esther, Martin, Haw Jeng, Darren, Kee Hung, Zeng Gu, Chloe, Shi Kai and Clarence~

p/s 2: Off to Australia in 1 day time. *nervous!*

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