CMY lost? Ehehe~ =P

I'm lost for quite many days.
Because lazy marrrr..
Okie dokie
 Not to break my promise,
I'm going to update about my stuff lately.
So, hmmm, okay.
I'm crazy about rabbit right now~
Tukki tukki~~ ♥
But anyway, I only got a tukki phone hanger now.
(p/s is it called a phone hanger? Aiyo, just something that hang on ur handphone la~ xD)
 I need other rabbit stuffffff.. *cries*
For example,
Something like this!
流氓 tukki~~ LOL ♥♥
p/s I ♥ the black one and I'm leaving Malaysia soon~ So *wink wink* *hint hint* XD
So I guess that's all about my ♥ for tukki.

Then yesterday, 28/6/2010, my MUFY result is out! Finally =)
I got HD for all my four subjects!!
*happy happy*
But for the overall course my MUFY mark only 304.9
Then I need 305 to enter the environmental engineering course in Monash University.
0.1 mark \(= 3=)/
Anyway, I don't feel like to go to Monash.
So guess I'm going to RMIT~ =D
But everything is not confirm yet.
Still need wait for my official transcripts so I can certify my results for RMIT.

I think that's all from me for these few days~
Later peeps! ^^

p/s don't forget, CMY ♥ TUKKI! *wink wink* xD

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