Farewell Partaayyyyyyyyyy X3

Well well well, tonight indeed is a crazy night out for us all. The "us" here included me, Lea Ching, Yew Yee, Gaby, Hiong Ying, Ee Jia and Siaw Jzin~ We went out for a farewell dinner at Shabu Shabu for Ika aka Ee Jia and Mao Zhang aka Lea Ching (She's my Mao Zhang and I'm her Mao Zhang XD). They "kena" maktab that day and is going to leave Sibu SOON. So we had a partayyyyyyyyy to farewell them at Shabu Shabu.

Wahahahaha.. After dinner, we all gone mad and took lots of photos. Everyone so crazy and I think we were the most crazy table among all the tables. Even the workers kept on looking at us and laughed. -____-

So erm, not much to talk about. Just let the pictures do the talking! >=D

Mao Zhang and I~ Hehe ♥~~
Ika and I~ ♥Group photoooooo~ ♥

Lala~ Guessed that's all~ Will miss you de Mao Zhang and Ika!!
Take care~

p/s for more photo, please go to my facebook album~ nya nya~

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