New template~ >=D

Nya nya~ I got my bloggie a new template!!
Yeay sheepieeeeeee. >=P
Cute or not? Teeheehee~~ ♥♥
Anyway, kinda long time didn't update my bloggie already. Heh~
There are not much new stuff in my life now.

Every morning woke up around 6 and go to walk with parents.
They said I'm TOO fat. =(
So, now can count as trying to slim down?? Lol~

Then second new stuff is Ee Jia kena maktab.
Congratulations la Amu~ =P
Go Perlis need to take care o~
You haven't go I already miss you liao. =(
Must always find me ohh. ♥

Hmmm and another new stuff is
I ♥ 林峰's new song!
It's from his new HK drama~
It's SO NICE!! Teeheeheee
Totally in love with him/ his song right now~
Lalalalala~~ ♥

And and and
I realised I kept on using ♥ nowadays.
Anyway, I don't care~~
Lalalalalala~ =P

I guess that's all for now~
Nya nya~ ♥


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