Bye Sunway and Hello Sibu! =D

Nya nya~ I'm back to Sibu already. Huhu~ So so so so so so tired la.. Actually I don't plan to sleep because my flight is 0655 so I need to go to airport around 4am like that. But then at last I still fall asleep. Hahaha.. I set my alarm 3am. But then, I overslept. =( Luckily my housemate next door come over to my room around 0345 and woke me up. Hehe.. So the taxi arrive around nearly 4am like that and I start my journey to LCCT. The whole way I talked and talked and talked with Amy and Christine and they said why I'm so so so so so talkative this early morning. LOL. I also don't know why~ Hahaha..

Then after we check in all our stuff and everything (luckily I didn't exeed the baggage limit. It shows 30.9kg, but the person in charge didn't charge me. Thank you!! =DD), we went into the waiting hall and I was so hungry, so went to bought a sandwich. Rm5 le.. =.= After bought it, they called for boarding already.. Urghhh.. So I just munch munch munch while queue up. Hehe~

After around 2 hours of flight, which I basically sleep through the whole journey, I reach my kampung!! Sibu~ Hahaha.. After that I went to Sing Kwong with my mum. Today's Monday so no plastic bag available, so they gave us a box instead. (=_________=) It's the first time I saw people buy stuff using boxes la~ The cashier put all the vege and stuff into a box then seal it up. My face was totally =.= hahahaha.. Anyway, my kampung is cute~ LOL.. p/s it's not me who said Sibu is a kampung but the newspaper at KL there wrote "首相造访诗巫,轰动全村。”lol.. So Sibu is a kampung eh?

Hmmm.. Kinda hard to believe I finish my foundation year already. Just finish JUST.LIKE.THAT. Gahhhh.. Cannot deny I actually missed Sunway and I missed my roommate and my housemates. Sigh.. But what to do? I'm in my kampung already. Hahaha.. I'll go back to Sunway one day!! =)

So, bye Sunway and hello Sibu, my kampung~~ ♥
我好想你们!!有缘再见吧~ ^^

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