Final Exam

Finally the final starts.. But it starts quite a long time ago? Lol.. Only now I blog about it. Hehe~ So English over already~ Chemistry also~~~ *YEAY* Finally my deadly subject over liao.. But tomorrow is Maths final. Maths die liao lar.. > < haizz.. Ms Pang even lost my maths trial paper.. She said she cant find it anywhere. Maybe she just lie to me.. Cuz my mark too low, then she burn my paper and tell me she lost it.. =.= Sighhhhh..

What should I do la.. I think I know how to do already, but then if the questions like trial like that come out in the final, I don't have confident if I know how to do or not. T_______T

Aihh.. Whatever lar~ I cannot do anything now also. Just wake up earlier tomorrow to try to figure out the problems again ba.. My brain cells all destroyed by Chemistry already.. > < Although the Chemistry final paper is just like the trial paper, but it still kills my brain cells. How I hope the Maths tomorrow will be like Chemistry. But not really possible la.. Chemis and Maths are different type of subjects..

Anyway, now look back, I think most of my post is about my exam and study and stuff.. But bo pian lar~ Cuz it's exam time when I start this bloggie~ Hoho.. So bear with me ba~~ Other than exam and study, I dont think I have anything on my mind now. (no more brain cells to waste.. =______=)

Wish me luck for the Maths final paper tomorrow~ Nya nya~

*Evidence of escaping from study. Ngiek ngiek ngiek~

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