Sigh, I'm escaping from my studies A-G-A-I-N. This is so not right, but I just can't help it. I mean, I just can't help myself. On Friday night, I told myself I should relax myself after all the final thingy, so I'll start studying on Saturday. But on Saturday, I tell myself it's ok, don't worry, I still have one whole Sunday~ Then today is Sunday! TADA~ See what have I done this ONE WHOLE SUNDAY.

I woke up around 10 something in the morning. Then I had my breakfast and I did 2 birthday cards for my friends- Christine and Syazana. After finish all the cards, it's around 2 or 3pm le. Then I had my lunch while watching drama. So even after my lunch, I still continue with the drama. Totally 无视my studies until now. =______= Then now, I continue to 无视 it, so here am I, updating my bloggie. 

Oww nooooooooooo.. What should I do to myself? Can I bang on the wall and die?  Cannot cannot, like that my wall will got a "piak" of blood, too artistic.. =______=
Sigh, okay okay, I know what should I do now.. I should go and........

Nyahahahahaha~ I should now go and sleep, so that I won't feel so guilty~ Nya nya~ xD Nah, cannot lah, I should now go and study at least a bit.. If not if my final result really not good, then I cannot go into university ady la.. Like that will be too bad.. HMPH~ 
CMY, aza aza~~ ^^


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