19th September 2010 ♥

It's 19th of September now.
Time passes so fast.
I just can't believe it.
I've been here for around 2 months.

Time is really merciless.
I even feel I'm aging here.
Looking older, thinking older.

Anyway, I found something here.
Something that I like.
I like the scenery here.
I like the flowers and plants here.
So I took lots of pictures.
I realised I like photography.

Besides that,
I realised there are times where I can't keep everything in my camera.
So I will just stop and try to keep all the things into my mind.

Other than that,
I also realised I start to know how to relax myself.
And even how to control myself!
That's quite *gasp* for me myself.

I realised I have lots of things to say.
But it is always hard for me to say it in words.
There's too much that happens here that I can't really express in words.

Last but not least,
I realised I'm getting lazy.
So I gotta end this post.


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