Handmade Cards! Quilling~ :D

Hmmm.. Got a bit long time didn't update my bloggie le. Hehehe.. Anyway, I did a few birthday cards in these few weeks time. Teeheee.. And I feel like putting them here in my bloggieeeee.. WHEEEEEE~ So here it goes! 

Card made for Stephy :)

Card made for a friend of mine in uni. :)

Closer view :D

First time I did quilling. For my sister in law. :)

Closer view. 

Card I just made today for my brother. Belated birthday though. :P And it's Nikon weiiii.. LOL

It's a cameraaaa.. Hahaha.. Front view. 

It's the back view. It's barcode. Dont really look like though. But still.. It's a barcode. :)


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