Yuhoo yuhoooo~ Today is SUNDAY! :D Feel kinda light and happy today. Wonder why? I have noooooooooo idea! Hahahahaha.. Anyway, I'm kinda into a few things lately. I was so into paper quilling not long ago and I bought kinda lots of paper for it. But I HAVE NOT started anything yet. :P Just in case anyone don't know what paper quilling is, it's an art thingy. You can turn papers into flowers and all other things by just rolling them.(WOW! LOL~) I'm not good at describing anyway. So I will just let's the pictures do the talking. :) [p/s: I got all these photos from blogs of those expert quillers and also from the internet. Hope there's no any copyright problems >.<] I myself only did quilling once. I made a birthday card and give it to my sis in law. :D Too bad all the photos that I took are blurrrrrrrr.

 3D Quilling. Cool huh? :D

 Flowers :)

 I just love these grapes! Look so cute! :P

 Giraffe & Zebra 

 Palm of life

Circles of  

Hmmmm.. Other than quilling, I'm rather into handmade stuff lately. Don't know why though. Teeheee.. And the thing is erm.. erm.. ermmmmm.. Sighhhh. I'm BAD at describing stuff. Totally BAD! So pictures again. :P [photos are from internet again~ :)]

It's a DIY stuff and the materials are mainly non-woven cloths and needles and threads. Hehe.. All of them are so cute!! I MUST AT LEAST MAKE ONE! So I'm going to see if Sibu sell these stuff or not and see if I have the time at home to make it or not. Teeheee.. Actually just like Stephy said, I have the time but the problem is I'm lazyyyyy.. Ehehehehe~ :P [Oopsss.. If Stephy is looking at this, she will know I MIGHT make this for her. But I don't think she know my bloggie~ Nya nyaaaaa :PPP]

Anyway, I'm kinda into all these things lately and I bought paperS for the quilling but I have yet to start it. :P So my mom is practically nagging away say I always see something and feel like doing it then when I really wanted to start doing it, I will become lazy. What she said is true though. :P But I think I won't let go such a cuteeeeeee baby~ I will sure make something. Maybe for you~ Maybe for myself~ Nyahahahahahaha.. *Ki dai rio~* :P


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