Not used to & Used to

So I have been in Australia for nearly one month liao. There's still things that I'm not used and they are really getting on my nerves. :'(

I'm not used to:
1. The cold weather here.
2. The time passing so fast.
3. Spending one hour plus sitting on train from home to uni.
4. Spending another one hour plus standing on train from uni to home.
5. Wearing thick clothes every single day.
6. All the ang mo accents around me.
7. Going to class and come out not knowing what the lecturer is talking about.
8. Think more than twice when buying something.
9. Converting Aussie dollar to Ringgit everytime I see I like.
10. Not having lunch but have heavy dinner.
11. Seeing couples kissing around the platforms/train stations.
12. Seeing ah mu using Iphone while I'm using my Nokia X6.
13. Seeing ah pek listening to Ipod while I'm listening to the broadcast in train.
14. Spending $220.30 every month just for transportation.
15. Not having time to watch dramas.
16. Everything that I am not used to.

Anyway, there's still something that I have already get used to.
I'm used to:
1. Sleeping in train (to uni and back from uni).
2. Being alone in uni during lunch break.
3. Watching cute guys walking around.
4. All the "Ohh.. You speaks Mandarin!" from China coursemates.
5. Hanging up clothes and not washing them.
6. Wear socks anywhere I go.
7. The warmth provided by electric blanket.
8. Everything that I am supposed to get used to.

So the conclusion is.. I need to get used to all the "not used to". CMY jia you~~ =')

I'm tired
and I refused to go out.


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  1. Shirley Says:

    jia u ya~~~^^